We provided multiple technologies for Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm.

Beatrice is a wind farm close to the Beatrice oil field in the Moray Firth, 13km off the north-east coast of Scotland.

Our work at Beatrice was one of our most comprehensive projects to date.

We provided AIS and radar solutions for vessel tracking, ADS-B for aircraft and people tracking via a TETRA digital radio system using Bluetooth beacons.

To support sitewide communications, we also installed three communications masts: two offshore and one onshore.

We deployed wave buoys and wave radars to give more clarity on sea state in specific areas and allow engineers to prioritise repairs in line with weather conditions.

CCTV was installed throughout the wind farm, extending into the local harbour area too.

Data infrastructure is deployed on a resilient server cluster across multiple sites, and proactively monitored 24/7/365 from our own premises in Norwich.