Network design to bring back tidal energy data from over 7km offshore.

Holyhead Deep is the world’s first low-flow tidal stream energy project, and the first step towards the industrialisation of Minesto’s Deep Green marine energy technology.

The site consists of a subsea kite, tethered to the seabed, with a turbine attached. The power generated is taken to a floating microgrid buoy, along with data on the functioning of the turbine. Following successful development and testing the aim is to expand the installation into a commercial demonstration array of up to 10MW capacity.

We were commissioned to bring the data from the buoy back to Minesto’s office in Holyhead. With the buoy floating in open water, the project presented a challenge for connectivity.

Our network design included a giro-stabilised antenna system that allowed the buoy to rotate and pitch and roll, but still maintain a high-bandwidth, low-latency connection to the shore via point-to-point microwave link.

From the buoy the signal travels across a wireless bridge around Holyhead Mountain and down into the town to Minesto’s UK headquarters in Holyhead.

Holyhead Deep is 7km (4.3mi) offshore, and this design has the potential for connections over much longer distances in the future.