Ports & Harbours

We help ports and harbours to monitor and control incoming and outgoing marine traffic.

Our marine surveillance solutions help you see exactly what vessels are entering and leaving your facility, optimise your use of mooring space and time and maximise billings.

We’ve supplied vessel traffic management systems to ports from the North Sea to the Pacific. Our technology has been used in sites including GlobalTechOne, Riffgat, Meerwind, Nordergründe, Butendiek, Borkum West II and more.

Oil & Gas

Our technologies help you monitor and protect your assets and make better decisions to optimise your production.

Radar and AIS let you monitor all vessel movements, while CCTV gives you eyes on activity at your offshore platforms. People tracking lets you sign up, induct and track team members working anywhere on your facility.

You can use weather monitoring to integrate production with current conditions, directing your available resources and personnel wherever they can deliver most value at the time.

All data is piped back to your control room and presented in a unified, easy-to-use interface that gives your marine coordinator an instant overview of your site.


We specialise in communication, tracking and monitoring solutions for the renewables sector, particularly offshore wind farms.

We can provide sitewide networks, radio communication (using multiple technologies), marine surveillance, people tracking and more. Our systems can integrate live radar, CCTV, AIS, VHF, UHF, Tetra and meteorological data.

We are closely involved in development of floating turbines, as evidenced by our work on the Holyhead Deep project.


We help defence sites guarantee safety during weapons tests.

We use high-gain, long-range radar, usually from onshore masts, to look out to sea for a distance of up to 49km.

Since many defence sites have been established for several decades, we also support legacy technologies while proposing new solutions that will work alongside them.

We also guarantee confidentiality for all our military and defence clients.