Vissim Renewables has rebranded to Nesspoint.

Over the last five years, we have expanded and adopted a series of new products and services, while continuing to innovate, not just in the renewables sector but other sectors too.

Ness Point

But why Nesspoint?

Our business is about the location of people and assets, so let’s put ourselves on the map, by naming the company after the location of our coastal home Ness Point. Ness Point, Lowestoft, is the most easterly point in the United Kingdom and Lowestoft.


NessPoint is the location of the previous record holder for Britain's tallest wind turbine, nicknamed "Gulliver". While offshore projects are often named after their location. Such as Dudgeon, Dogger Bank and Sheringham Shoal.

Orbis Energy Center

Nesspoint’s home at the Orbis Energy Centre

We are not just rebranding, we are also expanding. To help our clients and prospective clients, we have built a new marine co-ordination centre in our new offices at the Orbis Energy Centre in Lowestoft

Nesspoint has been involved with and delivered a huge array of technology to many wind parks around the United Kingdom and Europe