We combine surveillance data from multiple sources into a single, intuitive view of what’s happening across your site

Weather conditions and forecast

Meteorological data gathered on-site can include temperature, humidity and wind as well as wave height from buoys or structure-mounted sensors.

Our system integrates weather forecast data from Storm GEO with data gathered from your own sensors, so you can accurately assess current conditions and also look ahead for up to five days.

CCTV images

Integrated CCTV feeds give you eyes on activities and weather conditions throughout your site.

Cameras can monitor facilities, transfers, sea-state or non-AIS traffic entering the perimeter, helping you maintain security and respond to incidents.

We can work with many different camera manufacturers (our own preference being Bosch).

CCTV coverage surveys

At the consultancy/planning stage, we can carry out desktop or on-site studies to determine what specification and where cameras should be situated, and develop a detailed plan for installation.


Radar ensures you pick up any non-AIS vessels over a wide range.

We deploy modern, solid-state radars that integrate seamlessly with our software.

Up to eight radar videos can be integrated at the marine coordinator’s workstation.


Our system pulls in AIS data from all vessels in the area, giving you precise information on their identity, position and heading.


Monitor your own helicopter traffic as you transfer people to boats and substations or follow an Emergency Response Plan in response to an incident.

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