With our Tracker software, you can monitor the movement of people anywhere on your site, as well as managing manifests, certificates, work permits and inductions.

Online inductions

  • Manage inductions for specific projects
  • Allow technicians working offshore to sign themselves up (so project managers don’t have to deal with the process)
  • Track hours worked and generate reports

Permit to work

  • System automatically check permits to work before team members are allowed to sign up
  • Instantly check the location of individuals and teams on an emergency list
  • Store next-of-kin details for quick access in an emergency

Certificate management

  • Team members can specify the project they are working on and upload their own certificates online
  • Online signup interface is viewable on laptop, tablet or phone

Training facilities

  • Set up documented processes, video tutorials or online exercises that must be completed before team members can sign up
  • The system records attempts, passes and fails
  • Project managers overrule decisions and/or bring in staff members for assessment

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