We plan and deliver robust, reliable radio communications solutions for both voice and data throughout your site.


We can supplement traditional radio solutions using VHF or UHF with superior, more modern systems such as TETRA.


DMR is lighter, quicker to deploy and more cost-effective than TETRA, with a practically identical feature set. Nesspoint is an approved Motorola partner for DMR.


At the intersection of voice and data is 4G LTE, which we can use to support voice comms as well as data transfer back to shore.

We can tap into existing networks via offshore meshing or create your own private 4G network.


We offer full support for traditional VHF and UHF comms, and can integrate them into more modern technologies too.

We can integrate voice radio into traditional land telephone services, with cross-patching via radio despatching software. With this solution, your operator can place calls made from any landline to any radio on your own network.


With a LAN or WAN network in place, you can opt for VOIP (Voice over IP) voice comms, using data in place of radio.


We can establish V-SAT or microwave wireless connectivity to bring your data from the remote site back to the mainland.

For an example, see our work on Minesto’s R&D project at Holyhead Deep.

Radio propagation surveys

At the consultancy/planning stage, we can carry out an on-the-ground survey to determine where radio masts should be situated, and develop a detailed plan for installation.

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