Track every movement of vessels and people around your site with AIS and radar, plus weather, CCTV feeds and aircraft.


We offer custom-developed software platforms for vessel management, created in partnership with industry leaders Innovative Navigation.

Our systems combine vessel movement data with data feeds from multiple marine surveillance technologies, overlaying them on to electronic maritime charts to create a single, intuitive graphical interface that reflects events in real time.

Site safety and emergency response

  • Ensure safe marine traffic and minimise the risk of collisions
  • Respond to emergencies and coordinate rescue operations
  • Monitor site perimeter for intrusions
  • Set automatic alerts for emergency events

Coordinate construction

  • Monitor and manage anchor plans
  • Manage workflows during installation and chart construction progress

Technology integration

  • Easily connect to existing sensor systems
  • View via a dedicated terminal or a standard web browser
  • Share your view with third parties
  • Export data from the system as required

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